Aggressive Driving Costs Plenty! Safe and responsible driving costs nothing
3_heading_icon.gif Don't Drink and Drive
3_heading_icon.gif Wear your seat belt
3_heading_icon.gif Obey the speed limit
3_heading_icon.gif Don't take risks
3_heading_icon.gif Yield the right of way
3_heading_icon.gif Keep a safe space around your vehicle
3_heading_icon.gif Check your blind spots
3_heading_icon.gif Check traffic around you at all times
3_heading_icon.gif Avoid distractions and stay alert
Safe Driving Starts with you.
3_heading_icon.gif Look well ahead of your intended path to check for speed change and stops.
3_heading_icon.gif Look well ahead for traffic control lights to anticipate light changes.
3_heading_icon.gif Maintain an adequate distance from the vehicle ahead, so your car can make a smooth gradual stop
even if the vehicle in front of you does make an abrupt stop.
3_heading_icon.gif Your attention requires following a vehicle and the vehicle following you.
3_heading_icon.gif A collision from the rear may not always be avoided. Make sure your steps are gradual and smooth.
AT Tony's Driving School
That safe driving is a 24 hour job in everyway.
You can't control the car if you are not in control of yourself.

Attitude - Practice - Control
Remo Iaquone
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